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Caixukun, baby, stop playing basketball during the day

2022-06-23 22:06NBA basketball baby
Summary: Caixukun's lines in basketball videoIndividual trainee caixukun likes singing, dancing and rapWhat exactly is caixukun's problem in playing basketballThat is to say, caixukun plays basketball in
Caixukun's lines in basketball video
Individual trainee caixukun likes singing, dancing and rapWhat exactly is caixukun's problem in playing basketball
That is to say, caixukun plays basketball in a handsome way. The form is greater than the content. It's not useful to watchIn the program, Cai Xukun generously responded to the question of playing basketball. What other stars in the entertainment circle face up to their rumors
Huang Xiaoming's “ Speak clearly ” The fire broke out for some time, “ I don't want you to feel, I want me to feel ” Become a stalk for a while. Huangxiaoming also faced up to this problem. He once said directly in an interview: it doesn't matter. Entertainment is to make everyone happyWhat happened to caixukun's basketball Terrier
However, many people, especially basketball lovers, began to laugh at caixukun after seeing his basketball playing clip. Even some foreign people said in a sarcastic tone that they thought there was no one who could play basketball in China. But the gourd eaters who didn't know anything only saw that everyone was talking about caixukun, so they joined this groupWhat's caixukun doing in basketball
Cai Xukun's basketball stem originated from a certain program. In the program, Cai Xukun showed his basketball skills and combined dance with basketball. However, many people mistakenly thought Cai Xukun's basketball skills were bad because they didn't know the cause and effect. Over time, a stem was formed to describe people with poor basketball skillsWhat does caixukun do in basketball
In fact, this Terrier first became popular on the Hupu forum. Some people started a topic on the forum to ask who is the best among the traffic stars. Some said that he was the best player, and some said that Lu Han was the best player. The fans were arguing endlessly. Suddenly, I don't know which netizen posted a picture of caixukun playing basketball, which immediately surprised countless netizens. PhotosHow to treat caixukun's basketball playing
Caixukun plays basketball, which makes people feel like a good mother. He is very different from traditional basketball players. This also has something to do with his people. Now a lot of small fresh meat are white and tender, and the makeup and hair are of one type. They Caixukun, baby, stop playing basketball during the daylook very mother. But that's still the saying. If someone likes to watch it, it's OK. If you don't like it, you don'tHow to evaluate caixukun's response to the incident of "playing basketball" in youth 2
When caixukun was an idol trainee, he wrote that he liked to play basketball in the column of his resume. It is prCaixukun, baby, stop playing basketball during the dayecisely because of this. Since his debut, caixukun has been vilified because of this. But recently, caixukun participated in the talent show youth has you 2. Caixukun also responded to this very generously. YesCaixukun: but he was hacked by the whole network for "playing basketball". What did he experience
Caixukun once said in the talent show that his specialty is singing and dancing, rap, basketball, etc., and he likes these sports very much. Some softer dance moves will inevitably make some straight men feel "feminine", so many fans are dissatisfied with caixukun as an image ambassadorWhat is caixukun's handicap in playing basketball
After caixukun became the image ambassador of NBA, a previous basketball dance was found by netizens, which immediately became popular throughout the Internet. And "chicken you are too beautiful" is the homonym of BGM "just because you are too beautiful" in this dance. Caixukun was roast about his basketball dancing posture, and this homonym was also roast. January2018
Caixukun, baby, stop playing basketball during the day

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