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Group photo of O'Neill's basketball baby in China

2022-06-23 20:21CBA Basketball Baby
Summary: Goodbye legend "Shaquille O'Neill 2011 China trip · Jiangmen station specific location and timeO'Neill's 2011 China trip to Jiangmen station: at 16:35 on October 16, he was at the stadium
Goodbye legend "Shaquille O'Neill 2011 China trip Jiangmen station specific location and time
O'Neill's 2011 China trip to Jiangmen station: at 16:35 on October 16, he was at the stadium of Fanluogang primary school in Pengjiang district, Jiangmen. It lasted about an hour
Is O'Neal the largest in the sports world? Is there a more "exaggerated" figure than him
The last one is our Yao Ming, who convinced O'Neal. During the players' time, the two men competed with each other on the court. Now that they have retired, they have become friends who cherish each other. O'Neill has made quite a few trips to China. He will definitely catch up with Yao Ming when he comes. This time they took a group photoShaquille O'Neal took a group photo with the stars in the entertainment industry. Is there anyone bigger than him
But along with O'Neill, Schwarzenegger is a younger brother. Mr. He Jiong he is a very qualified host in our Chinese hosting community. His hosting style is humorous and humorous, and naturally matches with O'Neill. O'Neill spent a lot of time in China. This time, he Jiong and he Jiong were on the same stage, and the two showed off the drama of single player PKWhich NBA stars love China very much
Scoring king, two MVPs, 73 wins and various 3-point records have captured many fans. James; Favorite reason: the first person in the league, he helped the Cavaliers win the first championship in team history last year. He has comprehensive ability and super physical quality. This season, Zhan Huang has started his own health basketball and is looking forward to another sprint for the championshipShe is 2 meters tall and talented. Now she is called "big baby". Who is she
But from the body shGroup photo of O'Neill's basketball baby in Chinaape, it can give the other party a shock. When attacking, it is more powerful to crush the other party. Moreover, she is also a very talented basketball player. In the Chinese women's basketball team, there are not a few talented athletes, but few can be as outstanding as Liu Yutong. First of all, Liu Yutong has won at the starting line since childhoodWhat is the scene when NBA players stand among ordinary people
When O'Neill participated in variety shows in China, he cooperated with a group of children to perform Chinese Kung Fu! However, his figure is in sharp contrast to that of a group of children. The audience's attention is not on the program itself at all. When O'Neill and “ Beautiful sunset ” Partner, when dancing in shadow playHow big is O'Neal's hand
In the group photo of O'Neill and his girlfriend, we can clearly see that O'Neill easily hugged the girl's waist with only two hands. O'Neill is also a passionate Chinese fan. He loves Chinese culture and fans who love China very much. Therefore, he often participates in China travel activitiesWhat's the name of the Chinese basketball baby of the heat? Thank you
In the first month of 2013, we received good news and turned around. 168 height, 88D, 70, 88 devil figure, with both western open and bright personality charm. Under the appearance of a highly international image, he was invited by the sound and color NBA program and joined him as its hostHow is the Chinese beauty who was secretly targeted by O'Neill
The picture that O'Neill has been crazy about sneaking at Lin Yan was also photographed by reporters, and the topic was also hot at that time. Now Lin Yan is also transformed into a boxing baby. Lin Yan did not choose to be a basketball model or anchor after O'Neill became famous for watching his own incidentHow do NBA stars blend into Chinese life
Today's Warcraft is plagued by injuries and lawsuits. I don't know if it is necessary for him to come back to China to accept a baptism of socialism in order to regain its luster? Shaquille Shaquille O'Neal (group photo of Shaquille O'Neal and Jet Li) (visit Yao Ming in Shanghai) (Shaquille Shaq gives advice to the abbot with an open mind) (O'Neal plays mahjong
Group photo of O'Neill's basketball baby in China

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