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Basketball baby video

Basketball talent baby growing up with children

2022-06-27 00:38Basketball baby video
Summary: Little genius baby computer detailed introduction to little genius baby computerClassic cartoons, children's fun, kind, intelligent and brave sheep participate in learning. They will become good te
Little genius baby computer detailed introduction to little genius baby computer
ClBasketball talent baby  growing up with childrenassic cartoons, children's fun, kind, intelligent and brave sheep participate in learning. They will become good teachers and friends for children and accompany them to grow up together. Expert guidance, authoritative and credible. Preschool education experts are hired to plan and review the content, and provide professional advice to ensure the accuracy and applicability of baby's computer content, which is more trustworthy to momHow to restore the data avatar of little genius baby
Thank you for your attention to the little genius. You can go to the app - Avatar - Baby information - modify Avatar - photo album to view it. If the above methods cannot be found, you can only unbind it through the administrator, and then rebind the watchHow about the baby computer
The product form and usage are pretty good. The hardware configuration is backward. The screen is too small, aBasketball talent baby  growing up with childrennd the dry battery memory used for general display effect cannot be expanded. It is recommended to learn the second generation baby computer early. The hardware configuration has been upgraded. Not badBasketball talent Wang Xueli's favorite basketball star
His favorite basketball stars are Jordan and Yao Ming. He played basketball with his father when he was 9 years old. His father was also a professional basketball player, so wangxueli naturally became a basketball starLittle genius watch baby how to chat
Little genius telephone watch: little genius telephone watch is a telephone watch specially made for children. It is compatible with SIM card, so as to meet the direct communication between mobile phones and watches, and simplify the family communication between parents and children. At the same time, it supports micro chat, GPS, glon-ass and other nine fold positioning, one click for help, and rejecting strange callsLittle genius baby computer magic box is locked. How to unlock it
There is a card set by aBasketball talent baby  growing up with children parent. There is a magic box on the card that is locked. Just insert the card and open it! The reason is that the "magic box" has been set to "fully locked" in the parental control card system. Just reset it. December 1st, 2011Is there any difference between the baby computer of little genius and the early education machine x2 of littleBasketball talent baby  growing up with children genius
There is little difference between the two, but the little genius early education machine x2 has more functions. See the following introduction for details: little genius baby computer: developed according to the characteristics of physical and mental development of children aged 3-6. Baby computer has carefully designed three sets of step-by-step learning programs of "basic", "improvement" and "learning", with a total of 90 happy classesLittle genius, baby, what's wrong with the computer
Don't worry, just insert the parental control card into the machine to decrypt it automatically. Then you can enter the control setting again, enter the initial password 0000 and modify the password again. If the parental control card is lostAll functions of baby computer
It is specially designed for children aged 0-6. It can not only give children knowledge, but also help them develop in an all-round way! The main thing is to combine knowledge with games and let children operate by themselves! I suggest you take your baby to experience it. Your baby should like it very muchHow to use the little genius children's Watch
The little genius watch is a touch operation mode, which can switch the desktop by scrolling left and right. By scanning the QR code of "binding number" on the watch disk, you can download the genius app, and the first mobile phone number to be scanned will become the administrator. In the future, other mobile phone numbers will scan the QR code, which needs to be approved by the administrator
Basketball talent baby growing up with children

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