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Basketball baby is gone

Nba2kol basketball baby e.g. Durant

2022-06-23 16:05Basketball baby is gone
Summary: Nba2kol top ten best playersHow many of the top ten best players in NBA 2K11 can be listed? How many are very easy to use? For example, Durant, for example, James in 03, for example, the alphabet song
Nba2kol top ten best players
How many of the top ten best players in NBA 2K11 can be listed? How many are very easy to use? For example, Durant, for example, James in 03, for example, the alphabet song is zero easy to use
Who are the ultimate welfare stars of nba2kol and how to get them
Kobe Bryant (98 Edition), Vince Carter (version 98), Allen Iverson (98 Edition) and Tracy McGrady (version 00) recently announced that nba2kol will present the heaviest weight of the year to the majority of players in DecemberAre liuzixi, Xiaoyou, jinmeixin and Xiaohan soccer babies
No, in fact, they are basketball babies, but they are not very famous, because it is a basketball game nba2012 online (J is called nba2kol for short), which was also developed by Tencent. This set of pictures of Li and Li is their interactive picture news: after a round of incentive competition, the NBA (microblog) 2kol game girl audition activityWhat kind of shooting bag, basketball bag and dunk bag do nba2kol small forward use
I am also a small forward Huadong 40. I use Carter's shooting bag. Nash's blue bag, Griffin's dunk bag, blue bag and dunk bag can be the same as me. The shooting bag depends on you. If you shoot fast, you buy Carter's, and if you slow, you buy Kobe Bryant
What is a special shot and how to use it
In the nba2kol game, in addition to the ordinary shooting key (d by default), there are also four special shooting keys corresponding to the default zxcv of the keyboard. 1. fancy dunk with special shooting keys. First of all, the accelerator shiNba2kol basketball baby  e.g. Durantft+zxcv are all dunks, representing the four types of dunks. Acceleration key Nba2kol basketball baby  e.g. Durant+z is the run-up buttonAbout nba2kol star zone essence exchanging stars
The latest version of players like those with green cards can be exchanged for 4 essence or 6 essence, which are very cheap. Then the blue card is cheaper, including 20/30, 60 and 120. The purple card is more expensive, ranging from 180/200 to 800/2000/8000 essence. They are basically linked to the players' strengthHow can nba2kol use C to pick up rebounds less than seconds? I always feel that I don't know which balls should be
The characteristic of nba2k online center is that height is king. Therefore, as the highest self built player in the game, C has congenital advantages in many aspects. First of all, the center is the first in the five positions to make up the defense inside line. For the grasp of 2-point ball and backboard, it is the first in the five positions, anti-interference ability and the first in the five positionsWhat is the best three pack configuration for PG in nba2kol
With Kobe Bryant shooting bag, Crawford layup bag and Griffin dunk bag, the game is full of passion
Nba2kol blue star's strongest team
Dynasty? The Dynasty's words arNba2kol basketball baby  e.g. Durante C Saunders or vucevic (green card), PF Gasol, SF self built or Leonard or igodara, SG Mike Miller or self built, PG at will (after all, it's just an attack). Miller raises the long throw 180, Leonard's defensive artifact can be used to break through the slam dunk, and Saunders needless to mention raising the block 198Who are the highest three poNba2kol basketball baby  e.g. Durantints in nba2kol, including rebounds, steals, blocks
I remember that Kevin leford was the first in the league, and the Bucks' substitute was 198. However, it's not just about the value. If you don't have height and bounce, no matter how high the value is, there's no such attribute in steals. The blocking is not very clear. I've seen three points like Novak, 184 three points
Nba2kol basketball baby e.g. Durant

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